Flower Essences: A Natural Way to Relieve Emotional Imbalances

I have seen time and again how these natural remedies can gently guide people through the blocks in their lives.

The first time I read about flower essences was in Richard Gerber’s book, Vibrational Medicine, New Choices for Healing Ourselves. In the chapter titled, “Learning to Heal with the Wisdom of Nature”, I read about Dr. Edward Bach and how he developed the flower essences that are used to treat emotional imbalances. They sounded too good to be true. I had always been interested in emotions and personalities and the connection between the mind and body and I thought if there was a natural way of dealing with emotions then I wanted to learn about it.

I did some research on the internet and realized there are many essence makers in the world, but I particularly wanted to learn more about Dr. Bach. In my search I discovered the Bach Centre of England and learned that they also offered courses in Canada. Since then I have completed all three levels with the Bach Centre and I have never looked back.

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