Rositha Jeanson & Canadian Forest Tree Essences

Rositha Jeanson is the Distributor for the Canadian Forest Tree Essences for Western Canada. Visit the Canadian Forest Tree Essences for more information.

“Trees Speak”

– About Canadian Forest Tree Essences –

TreeTrees have evolved within the plant kingdom over the past several hundred million years. These extraordinarily complex biophysical systems transformed the earlier atmospheric conditions on the planet allowing for the evolution of animals and human beings. They are, along with other plants the lungs of the planet, releasing daily a fresh supply of oxygen into the atmosphere and storing carbon dioxide through the complex chemical process of photosynthesis in which carbon dioxide, water and the energy of the sun recombine to form oxygen and sugars.

Trees collect energy, heat from the sun, but perhaps other invisible forms of cosmic energy that have been described by for example the Chinese and Indians. In China one name for this energy is “chi” and in Indian yoga it is called “prana”. According to yoga, when we breathe we not only take in oxygen, but life energy, as if oxygen is the outer content, and the inner juice is prana. You can call it “factor x”. Ask yourself why you feel so nourished in the presence of a great tree or in the forest, is it the oxygen alone or in addition an unbeknown energy factor at work?

Essences are a way of recording the energy impressions or memory of trees. They are vibrational in nature.

Taking the essence is analogous to what happens listening to music. Music is not just arbitrary sound, but sound and silence arranged in a harmonious way and much more than that when it is played with a certain love, joy or intensity. Most of us have experienced how our moods change listening to music, a sunny tune and happiness arising. When you are open to it the most beautiful music leads us inwards to a place of resonance where we feel at home in ourselves. This coming home not only inspires us, but is the essence of healing as well.

Each tree has its unique song. As when you are with a tree, feeling connected, nourished in its presence, so when you ingest an essence you are in effect listening to the music of a tree.

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  1. Hi Rositha, I’d be interested in a workshop on Tree Essences if you are planning on putting one on again! Any other workshops in the planning stages?

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